Chris Bedford

Strategic Professional English Linguistic Training chez Spelt Out.

Simon has always shown himself to be an involved person in everything he undertakes. His motivation in English was twofold. From the perfecting of the grammatical structure that he coupled with his childhood experience of living in Holland and speaking English in his daily family life. He is a true manager and colleague with a very vaste knowledge in computing and a man of human dimension. He is a very trustworthy person and I fully recommend him as a manager and friend.

Jean-André Ahipeaud

Président-Fondateur chez J3A Technologies

Simon is the kind of man who can always manage to solve any technical problem. Always trying to improve his skills to be the best in his field.

Matthias Bettag

VP Digital Analytics chez Semphonic.

Simon is a reliable and responsible colleague with excellent knowledge about web-related issues and very good skills in organization and interaction. Including business experiences on international level and across IT and Business/Marketing.

Marwan Rabbaa

Développeur chez Groupon.

En charge du développement fonctionnel du projet Docatus, Simon a directement superviser mon travail de maintien de la plate-forme. La direction du projet lui revenait donc, mais il a toujours été à l’écoute des propositions /suggestions des autres. Durant notre collaboration, j’ai pu observer la manière dont Simon menait le projet, ce qui a été une expérience très enrichissante pour moi. Cette année m’a permis de consolider mon expériences en analyse de projet Web.