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La journée BIG SEO // 3ème édition

BIG SEO, c’est une journée entièrement dédiée au SEO et au Content Marketing. Nos expert(e)s vous donneront toutes les clés pour découvrir et mettre en œuvre les stratégies et les techniques SEO & Content innovantes et performantes. Jeudi 7 Avril 6 Conférences S’inscrire à La journée BIG SEO

Social Media Metrics

Social Media is a new channel to gain customer awareness. As companies begin tracking reach and frequency the opportunity exists to engage in sentiment analysis, revenue attribution and business strategy guidance. The ability to correlate social media behavior and brand attitude to online behavior and revenue event outcomes opens the door to predictive business strategy analysis. The prospect of elevating social media from brand bellwether to business roadmap gives progressive companies a significant competitive edge.

Pharmaceutical Market Access 2010

Tiens, ça fait un moment que je n’ai pas publié de billet sur ce blog. Ces derniers temps, je suis plus occupé à tweeter et  essayer de comprendre ce que peut m’apporter Twitter.

Bref, ci-dessous vous trouverez les infos pour un nouveau séminaire en ligne qui semble intéressant.

Pharmaceutical Market Access 2010:

Find out the latest Strategic Developments Impacting the US, EU and Emerging Markets
Featuring the New Research on Public Reactions to the Proposed Obama Reforms to the US Healthcare Industry
In a NEW, FREE WebSeminar:

September 30, 2009
12:00 – 1:00 pm ET 18:00 – 19:00 CET

Qu’est-que le SEA, et pourquoi est-ce important ? (anglais)

Date et heure : Mercredi 15 juillet 2009 19-20h CET

Description :

Everyone’s online. And everyone searches. How else could you possibly hope to navigate over 100 billion Web sites? Every searcher has a goal: to find information relevant to their query. And any business with a web presence, be it a retailer, service provider, publisher, or even a blogger, wants to be found for relevant search queries, both by the search engine and by that searcher.

Google Adwords : les essentiels de l’optimisation (anglais)

Date et heure : 8 juillet 2009 à 14h 16h CET Description : Learn about how to optimise your AdWords account including tips on how to structure your campaigns, manage your keywords and write effective ad texts. We’ll also take you through how to approach optimising when you have a specific goal in mind. This webinar would suit all advertisers who are interested in improving the performance of their AdWords account. Inscription : Google Adwords Optimisation Essentials Désolé, l’heure est le lin nétaient pas corrects.