Application gratuite en ligne pour la gestion de projets

Ci-joint la description (en anglais, désolé) sur ce site qui semble intéressant mais que je n’ai pas encore testé.
Si quelqu’un l’a déjà fait, merci de partager votre retour d’expérience.

We developed an easy to use, online project management application that can be use by both the project manager and all project members.

Manymoon is like Facebook for projects.

Manymoon is free and you can sign-up here (click on « Take a Tour » at the bottom of the page if you would like more information before signing-up):

Some of Manymoon’s features:
* Private and Shared To Do List.
* Simple enough for project members to use (reduces email traffic).
* User Home Page (view across all projects) as well as a Project Home Page for each project.
* Works with co-workers, customers and partners.
* Attach Google Docs to your projects and tasks.
* Create a task or project, attach a Google Doc and it is
automatically shared with the people in that task or project.
* Forward emails to Manymoon and they will automatically be converted into tasks.
* Project members can publish « what they are working on ».

We have received great feedback from our customers and think you will find Manymoon to be very useful. Any feedback or feature suggestions are appreciated.


Amit Kulkarni