Marketing Simply on eBay!

Article en anglais. La traduction suivra bientôt./ Some methods for Simple Marketing in eBay

**Add all of the relevant keywords you can think of in your auction title. Example: If you were selling a Heating Pad, you would not just say in your title “Heating Pad”. Instead you might say:

Sunbeam Heating Pad, Heat Pad, used in like new condition

Then if they search the word SUNBEAM your item would be listed in their search. If they searched for HEAT PAD instead of HEATING PAD, you would still show up in their search results. Also people want to know the condition of the product so tell them in the title! If it is clothing tell them the size as well. Keep in mind the 55 character limit. Plan your title so you both describe your item accurately and use terms most likely to be used when someone is searching for whatever it is you are trying to sell.

**Pictures, they are important! Example: If you take a picture of something on a table or floor you see other objects in the pictures. Here is a tip: Use a background that does not detract from the image. Non-reflective white, black, light gray, etc. works. White backgrounds can cause your auto-focus to falsely detect too much light, giving you exposure problems. A good backdrop for clear images is light non-reflective gray, such as a light colored fake marble formica. The color “flecks” break up the reflection. Old sink cutouts work great. Place it horizontally near a white wall for back reflection to cut down on shadows. This will allow you to have a nice crisp picture without objects in the background. If you want sharp images, use a tripod. Steadiness is important.
See: About Taking Pictures for eBay

**Picture tips: Camera Flash–NEVER use a flash in your photos, as it creates spots and changes the color. Instead use natural and indoors Use soft, diffused lighting. Stand with the light overhead and behind you at either side and take pictures, it is amazing how much better they turn out. Take every angle you can by turning your items over etc. If something is signed take a picture of the signature, it will show the product is authentic to collectors.

**Use a professional listing system like Auctiva to list your auctions. They offer FREE picture hosting, checkout, and templates. Use those templates to show your policies for feedback, shipping, payment methods, and tell them a little about you. Make sure you add your contact information as well. People only want to buy from someone they trust. If they don’t know how to reach you, how can they trust you?

**Warm up your auction by adding a small face shot photo of yourself, add your phone number and email so buyers may contact you and ask you questions.

**Feedback: Always take the high road and try to work out any differences you have with a buyer or seller. Try just being nice no matter what. Sometimes it is a simple misunderstanding. If you get a raw deal, contact eBay first and report it as an item not as decribed or not received. Let them help you work it out. If you leave bad feedback they will most likely leave it for you. Work it out and remember “Always take the high road”! Also sleep on it, things are always better in the morning!

**Product tips: Always tell the truth. If your selling a car with rust spots, take pictures of the rust and tell them about the rust. If your sweater is misssing a button, tell your buyer in the description of the item. Otherwise you are not being loyal to your buyers and you are risking bad feedback and people reporting you to eBay that they received an item that was not as described. Honesty is always the best policy, and should be your ONLY policy.

Make sure you mention all you know about your product in the listing. Don’t put too much bunched together, spread it out by paragraph, use a nice font and explain your item as if you were talking on the phone explaining it to a friend. Give your buyers all of the detials!

Research your items before listing them to see what category they are selling in. Check to see how much they sold for by doing a “Completed Item Search” How you do this is type the NAME of the item in the eBay search box. When the results show up if you look over to the left you can see a box where you can check more search options, in that box simply check “Completed items Search” and then below that click “Show items” it will refresh the page. Anything in GREEN sold, anything listed in RED did not sell. This is also a great tool for buying, as it shows you what items are selling for!

Marketing is simple if you do it by adding warmth to your pages. People want to know who they are doing business with. The internet can be cold and scary for people just starting out. Let them know they can trust you and why they can trust you!

**Shipping tips: Become the bubble wrap king or queen if sending breakables. Newspaper is a great filler but does not protect glassware or breakables from being dropped! Use lots and lots of bubble wrap, peanuts and more. Make sure your label is clear and the boxes you ship in are sturdy and clean. You can get free shipping supplies at

Always ship your items clean and free of pet hair or smoke smell. No one wants smelly clothing or clothing or objects with pet hair all over them. Also, it is a violation of eBay policy to ship dirty clothing.

SHIP ON TIME! The day you get paid you should process the order and ship it out the next business day, or as soon as possible. Send your customer their tracking number if you have one. Tell them THANK YOU for ordering from you. They will come back if you do!

eBay Wiki (Beta) – Marketing Simply on eBay!

Simon W